About Sabby

I am a mother of 3 kids (12, 10, and 9 years old!). (Who you can see if you have me on Facebook.) I live north of Toronto, Ontario. I am 31 years old…I have two amazing cats… I have no car and I didn’t get my first cell phone til earlier this year. I eat sunflower seeds like the world is going to run out of them tomorrow and sweet iced tea is my favorite drink. I prefer to be barefoot and I love frogs. Okay that is enough randomness I think, don’t you? :)

The art stuff~

I love doing 3D artwork… I started it mostly because of friends Adiene, Eve, Roz, & Vex. Their work blew my mind years ago, and I just had to learn how to do it…

Back in 2008, I decided to try my hand at making my own character packages for V4 and A4. This has been an awesome experience and it is amazing to see people making gorgeous pictures with girls I’ve created! (Please, please, if you create something with a girl of mine, note me and link the image, I do my best to find them all in the gallery and comment and favorite, but I do sometimes miss some.)

Being a mom is what I do best and love more than anything. I also love seeing other artwork & reading… and chatting with friends.